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Sapphire Publishing is a veteran owned company. The owner Cheryl Gallegos, wrote and self-published her first book in 2001, entitled “Who’s Driving Your Bus?”  This learning experience is what gave her the  opportunity  to launch Sapphire Publishing as a way to help her colleagues, friends and family get their book ideas, memoires, poems and military deployment  experiences out to the public.

Cheryl believes there is a writer in all of us! We all have a story to tell, we all have had unique life experiences, and we all have very creative ideas—so why not put them on paper or an Ebook so all can enjoy!


Cheryl Gallegos, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor, Author, And Book Publisher
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Author of, "Who's Driving Your Bus?" a self-help book that will get you into the driver's seat so you can take control of your life. Cheryl began her career in writing as a freelance contributor for Emazing Inc. and "Women Of Excellence Magazine." An audience of over 1.5 million people worldwide read and responded to her daily email tips on Parenting, Positive Living, Relationships and Teens. The reasons millions of people turn to Cheryl for counseling is because she makes you feel like a friend who stopped by to chat about your problem. You leave feeling good about the answers to your questions.

She holds a Master's Degree in Individual Counseling with emphasis in Elementary School and Family Counseling from South Dakota State University. She is licensed in Kentucky as a Professional Counselor with over 12 years experience in private practice. She has worked with abused children, underprivileged families, Native Americans, military families (active duty and dependents) and multicultural individuals. In her practice, she brought her love for diverse cultures, military experience and counseling together.

As a Book Publisher, Cheryl believes everyone has a story to tell, a memory to capture and an experience to write about to inspire others. She can easily help you get your book out to the public or to family members. If you need help with compiling, writing, and illustrations Cheryl can help you make your project a reality.

In addition to her experience in helping families, couples and children, Cheryl serves as reserve officer in the U.S. Air Force. She trained to become one of the first female Minuteman II ICBM Missile Launch Commanders and Instructors in history. She gave mission briefings and tours to national and foreign dignitaries, pentagon officials, senators, and congressional staffers. One of the highlights of her military career was when she was selected to represent the US in briefing Secretary of State, retired General Colin Powell, then Chairman of The Joint Chief of Staff, and his Russian counterpart Mikhal Moiseyev on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). 

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